The MOOC approach – adoptable for learning in corporate organisations?


Attribution share alike  AJ Cann


At first glance and in theory a MOOC approach would be suitable for adoption in my world

  • Open access and freedom to learn something of interest to the individual which may enhance career opportunities and which in the traditional L&D sense may not be open to them now.
  • Supports lifelong learning and builds corporate capability
  • No obligation to complete so people may choose to dip in and out of MOOCs
  • Could improve collaboration – creating online social networks across the business
  • Create opportunities for educators to understand the appetite for learning outside the constraints of the traditional TNA (training needs analysis)
  • Will allow the organisation to gather Learner Analytics which may help the organisation to better understand learner online behaviour and which could inform the design of instructional methods across this and other elearning provision.
  • A MOOC approach may better meet the expectations of learners who increasingly expect to learn through social media

There are a number of considerations and challenges to overcome

  • How does the organisation measure learning and the impact on the business?
  • In a world where most organisational learning is centrally provided where does the responsibility for the learning sit? There are high drop out and low completion rates (how much does this matter?)
  • What is the value of expertise and the role of the educator? Does the MOOC model change the role of the L&D subject matter experts from provider to curator and what is the cultural change that this may require?
  • As a massive open course (MO of MOOC), how does the educator manage the mental stimulation that comes with the potential scale of interaction required?
  • What does it mean to be an active participant and how is this recognised and valued in the organisation?

So, a mixed bag. Are organisational ready for the MOOC approach to learning yet? Is anyone out there already doing it? If you happen to stumble across my blog and know the answer to this, please drop me a line. I’d be curious to understand more about how MOOCs can be adopted effectively in organisations.

Musings based on watching Cormiel, Siemens and Weller debate a number of issues concerning MOOCs and reading Liyanagunawardena et al. (2013), MOOCs: A systematic study of the published literature 2008-2012 and, MOOCs: What Motivates the Producers and Participants? (White, Su , Davis, Hugh, Dickens, KP, Leon Urrutia, Manuel and Sanchez Vera, Ma Mar, 2014) sourced from Katy Jordan’s MOOC literature browser (

H817 Week 10 Activity 12


One thought on “The MOOC approach – adoptable for learning in corporate organisations?

  1. Fantastic post. Clearly emphasises the benefits and discusses possible challenges to implementation of MOOCs. Like you I wonder if organisations are ready for MOOCs. I know some people within my organisation are interested in developing the use of MOOCs, however that would be from a top-down approach and I believe to get this working effectively and efficiently a bottom-up approach needs to be included in any consultation that takes place. I agree that social media influences prospective users and this needs to be considered and would add also that teaching and learning within schools is evolving to adopt more digital approaches.
    It will be interesting to see how and if a MOOC approach develops across organisations.


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