Choosing a Creative Commons Licence

This week I have been looking at Licencing work and in particular at the use of Creative Commons licences.


For my H817 blog and related materials I produce, I have chosen the Attribution licence.  This module is all about openness in education and I have chosen this licence in the spirit of openness. I have had initial doubts about this as I feel a sense of ownership of my work but as the weeks go on I am learning to feel more comfortable about sharing my H817 work in this way.

This activity has led me to think about the work I produce in my Professional life and for this, at this moment, I have a different approach. For this work I would choose the Attribution, Non- Commercial and No Derivatives licence. I work in a highly competitive industry as a consultant and depend largely on intellectual property for my income. Often the key differentiator in winning a contract is around ideas and how they are expressed. For the moment I don’t have the courage to give these ideas away freely, even though in doing so I may see them morphed into something better and more interesting. Maybe over time my approach to this will change?


H817 Week 9 Activity 9

Attribution. jpg


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