Openness in education

Experience of open education


I have experience of several MOOCs – all FutureLearn. My motivation for exploring MOOCs is to

  • build new knowledge
  • stay up to date around key business issues such as decision making in a complex world
  • experience Open Education Resources to assess their usefulness for my students and corporate clients.

I have completed 4/9 MOOCs I started and became increasingly frustrated with the lack of feedback and interaction. Recent MOOCs have introduced peer review which has added another more positive dynamic to the experience.

Pearl Trees

Pearl Trees is a curation and sharing site for online resources. I have been using Pearl Trees for about two years and have found it extremely helpful as people with the same interests will make suggestions and will share the resources they have found.

Google Books

Google books provides access to out of copyright books free of charge. I have used Google Books to explore areas of interest.

Creative Commons

Aims to provide creative resources free of copyright for legal sharing and developing.  I have used Creative Commons to source copyright free images to develop as learning resources

Classroom Clipart

Royalty free images and clipart for use in the classroom. Used as above.

Week 7 Activity 1


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