Setting up a learning journal

Setting up a learning journal using Gibbs cycle of reflection

  • Description – What happened?
  • Feeling – What were you thinking and feeling at the time?
  • What was good and bad about the experience?
  • Analysis – What sense can be made of the situation?
  • Conclusion – What else could have been done?
  • Action plan – What needs to be done next time?
Accessed from: Michaud, M. (2010) ‘Reflective Writing for College Students’ [online], Campus Life @ suite 101, article/ reflective-writing-for-college-students-a205546 (last accessed 26 January 2016).

Current practice and how a learning journal may be useful

I apply what I would call ‘reflective practice’ to my day to day working as a business consultant in reflecting on what went well? not so well? and what would I do differently next time? I have built this into my daily routine and find that it drives a continuous improvement mindset.  Reflecting(!) on Gibbs Cycle of Reflection I can see that my current practice is task and outward focused rather than having an inward and thoughts/feelings focus which has the potential to create more personal insight which in turn could amplify my learning from any situation. I strongly believe that thoughts and feelings drive behaviour and so analysing both in relationship to how and what I am learning will help identify lessons learnt and assist in writing the reflective parts of TMAs.

My thoughts on recording my reflective practice

  • Record the context
  • Reflect on previous action plan and changes/new practice and results
  • Log feelings, self-talk and any ‘triggers’ for this
  • Analyse the ‘triggers’ and my reaction and reset actions for next time.

I anticipate the discipline of maintaining a learning journal will be a real challenge for me – my usual style is to begin with enthusiasm…..and guess what happens then?………………..


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